The series

The ITM series provides customers with a colour display for a fast, inexpensive, and comprehensive development implementation.

[Translate to Englisch:] Flexibel und effizient bereits in der Basisvariante

In addition, the ITM series features five different connection options to implement almost any application.
Even the smallest series – ITM1 – allows straightforward, full module operation with an 8-bit micro-controller via the IC2 bus.
In doing so, the images permanently stored in the module can be easily accessed via software commands and displayed nearly instantaneously (frame 320 × 240, ~ 0.4 s).

[Translate to Englisch:] ITM2 mit mehr Anwendervorteilen

To provide users with the increased operational advantages of TFT modules, the ITM1 series was further developed into the ITM2 series, which allows customers to use modules as HDD or USB client.
This series also implements the freely scalable use of TTF and OTF fonts. Starting with the ITM2 series, you can store your own C programs.

[Translate to Englisch:] ITM3-Serie mit eigenem Interpreter

The ITM3 series, which contains its own interpreter, is considered the end product of the ITM series. This interprets descriptive “programs” which can created directly in the text editor (PC program) in a modular fashion and without any programming skills (e.g. C or C ++) whatsoever.


Various accessories can be supplied to further simplify the use ITM series modules. These include a programming cable with a terminal program for the on-board memory of ITM1 series, front frame, seals for use in protection classes up to IP65, or various plug-in adapter for ITM2 and ITM3.
Special developments for attach, expansion or final applications can be implemented quickly and inexpensively by using ITM products.

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